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About OPENMAT - Information

Many candidates surf and search for informations about preparation for OPENMAT. The number of questions have been rising time by time after each period. The key questions are how to prepare, syllabus, difficulty level of the question paper, minimum cut off, from where to prepare etc.

Before we move towards the preparation areas, lets have some general FAQ's regarding OPENMAT.

1. What is OPENMAT?
OPENMAT is Open Management Aptitude Test conducted by I.G.N.O.U. Clearing OPENMAT enable the candidates to enroll themselves for the Management Programme (MBA).

2. Why and When OPENMAT is needed?
OPENMAT is a condition set by I.G.N.O.U to be eligible to take admission for MBA in the following specializations -

  • Human Resourse Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Finance Management
Note: No entrance exam is required for MBA (Banking & Finance), MBA (Social Enterpreneurship).

3. What is the qualification bar/eligibility criteria for OPENMAT?
(a) Graduation in any discipline with minimum 50% marks for General category and 45 % marks for SC/ST.
 Bachelor's Degree with 3 years of Supervisory/managerial professional experience.

(b) Clearance of OPENMAT. 

The Candidate who have successfully cleared the entrance test for admission into Management Programme conducted by instituitions like CAT, MAT and other state level tests, need not to appear in OPENMAT. They are eligible for direct admission for any of the above mentioned MBA specialization programme.

4. When OPENMAT takes place?
OPENMAT is conducted twice in an year. Generally in February and August.

Candidates need to apply for OPENMAT in May-June (for August) and in November-December (for February).

5. What is the validity period to take admission after clearing OPENMAT?
Candidates who have cleared OPENMAT, can take admission in any of the two subsequent upcoming semesters. 

For example: I cleared my OPENMAT in August 2009. Then, I could take admission till July 2010. There were two semesters' sessions in between - January 2010 and June 2010. So, the validity remains for one year.

6. What is the paper setting?

What sections are included in exam papers?

What is the type of entrance test paper?

The OPENMAT Exam paper is divided into four sections-

  • Test I    - General Awareness      30 questions                30 marks
  • Test II   - English Language         50 questions                50 marks
  • Test III  - Quantitative Aptitude   50 questions                50 marks
  • Test IV  - Reasoning                   70 questions                70 marks
  • There are total 200 questions.
  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Time allowed is 3 hours.
  • There is no negative marking in OPENMAT. So, Candidates should not leave any question.

7. What is the difficulty level of paper?
What is the percentage of ease of solving paper?

It depends on the candidates. Generally, the paper is very easy to solve. There is no negative marking in exam which is the best part of it.

8. What does each section of exam paper include?
What kind of questions have been asked in OPENMAT?

General Awareness
It includes questions based on social personalities, day to day business environmental activities, General Science, General Knowledge etc.

It includes unseen passages, comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, idioms & phrases, finding incorrect part of a sentence, similar relationships between the given word pairs etc.

Quantitative Aptitude
Fractions, time, speed, distance, algebra, equations, ratio, probability, profit and loss, simple & compound interest, word problems, time & work ( Maths knowledge upto 10 th standard).

Coding, decoding, relationship analysis, direction sense, logical diagrams, jumbled words etc.

Conclusion: To clear OPENMAT, one should have minimum knowledge of Maths and English atleast upto 10th Standard. However, the questions asked in Maths section are generally from practical Mathematics. Candidates need not to be much tensed about it. If a candidate hasn't been in practice Maths for more than 6-8 years, then he/she needs to work out over it.

For preparation, it's better to start solving the OPENMAT papers provided to you with prospectus. Write down the formulae at one space to recall and use the same to solve the papers.

If you wish to get referred a book that contain each and every kind of helpful study material, that let you solve complete papers by yourself then get - 

All the best.

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