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munna said...

i didnt submit Assignment For 3 rd semister mba Exam From IGNOU...Can i go for exam...plz help me at

Pinkki Manohar said...

you can attempt exam but your results will be disclosed only when you submit your assignments of the concerned course codes. I've sent you an email regarding your query. Please check the same. Thanks...

Mr. Singla said...

hello pinkii

Can Ignou provide dual degree in MBA. I have opted finance as my specialisation if i gave another 5 exams of Operational research can i get the degree in operations also inspite of having degree in finance.
send to :


Pinkki Manohar said...

Hello Mr. Singla, thanks for your query. Uptil, I have never seen such a case of dual degree in MBA from IGNOU. However if you wish to get a certification in another specialized course, then you can get the same via PG Diploma Courses from IGNOU. You can simply get a certificate for Operational Research stream from IGNOU.
For better results, please contact your concerned study center.
All the best
Pinkki Manohar

farshogar said...

hi pinki when r u putting ms-61 assignment on d profile??? plzz email me

Pinkki Manohar said...

@Farshogar.......we are trying our best. Only keys to answers or solutions can be provided for Ms 61 as those are all situational problems.

Wait for 2-3 more days. We are editing the suitable contents for Ms 61.

Pinkki Manohar

pooja said...

Hello Pinkki,
I have completed my PGDIM and got grade card and provisional certificate too i want to apply for convocation which is going to held on 28.05.2011 at hyderabad but till now i didnt get any application form last date of payment of fee is 20.05.2011.Plz tell is there any online option to pay fee any apply for convocation

Pinkki Manohar said...

Hi Pooja,

Yes you can apply for convocation online/offline too. It will get displayed on official site of ignou under announcements section.

Jagat8753 said...

Hello Pinkki,

Please upload Solved assignments of MS95 & MS96 July 2011.

Pinkki Manohar said...

@Jagat.....dear friend, we all are solving the assignments and soon we will share the same like always. Pls wait for few more days. Don't worry, we will complete the assignments on time and will get good grades too as well.

All the best....

dianabenarjee said...

hello pinkki,

pls unload the solved assignmemts of ms25,ms26,ms27,ms28...of july 2011.pls help me thank q....i wish u wil help me

kiran said...

Hi, Pinkki. I want solved assignments of 3rd semester. Can you send it to my email id. ( Thanks in advance.


vinpan said...

i hv jst taken admission in 1st sem IGNOU MBA...
i do,t know where i wil get the assignment and whether it is mandatory to submit it?
do assignments have some weightage of marks ..
what is the system of exam is it objective or subjective...
wht is its duration etc...
plz help

Pinkki Manohar said...

@Vinpan.....dear frnd, it seems that you haven't gone through the prospectus well. It is highly recommended that you should go through the prospectus very well to get such routine answers. Every important information is given in the prospectus as well. You can surf through this blog also as assignments related ( and much more) information is available here too. Simply utilize the google search bar here at this blog, type the keywords you are looking for.

All the best.

Rohit said...

This is my first sem in IGNOU MBA and selected MS-1 to 4 for first attempt. is their any strategy while selecting the combination of papers. secondly in all assignments it is mentioned that last date of submission is 30 oct, but when i contacted dehradun center they said to submit before 30 sep. can anyone tell which is the last date ?

Pinkki Manohar said...

@Rohit.......there is no such rocket science and all that while selecting the subjects. The thing is that the exams are held in serial wise so now you will have your exams continuously without having any break in between. It depends on you. If you wish to get gaps in between papers, then from next semester, choose alternative subjects e.g. in my first sem, my subjects were Ms 1,04,09 and 11. In 2nd sem, I chose Ms 2,06,08 and 10.

Since last semester, Jan-July 2011 session, the system has been upgraded. Kindly check the March,April and May posts of this blog to know more.

all the best.

Pinkki Manohar said...

@Rohit.....go to left hand side of this blog and from blog archive navigate and check march 2011, april 2011 posts.

Priyojit said...

Hi Pinkki! thanks for the update.
check it out.

Stephen Hurkel said...

This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!
Diploma in supply chain management

subhendu said...

Please guide me regarding choosing specializing papers. Can I opt for 3 from financial & 2 from operations? Will it be helpful anyway?

S.Sridhar said...

Hi to all
Most recently I have enrolled for IGNOU MBA,I have planned to appear for MS-03 AND MS-08 exams. I am actually looking for solved previous qpapers or atleast fe examples of Part-B Case Study Problems(Solved). Any help in this direction is solicited.
Best Wishes to MBA Exam Aspirants as well.
my mail id is