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How to write a project report?

There are many projects which are undertaken and project reports written by professionals and students. The basic concept followed for all the project reports is the generally same for any kind of project report. Lets first understand what is a project report and how do we write one.

What is a project report?
A project report is a way of putting together all the details about the project done in a structured manner. It has the details starting from the scope of the project to the detailed analysis of the work done, findings, suggestions, conclusion, references, and also acknowledgements.

If we have to take example of writing a project report for a project undertaken by an MBA student, then it will be prepared in the below organized way-

1. Cover Page - This includes the title of the report, the college name, Student’s name who executed the project and compiling the report, College course name and year. All the text is centrally aligned.

2. Declaration- This is to declare the authenticity of the project and the report.

3. Certificate from the Company/ Organization- This is on the Company’s letter head where the project was undertaken and it is signed & stamped by the Company’s authority.
4. Certificate by the College-  this is signed by the Project Guide and the Director stating that the student has successfully conducted the project as part of the MBA course, the work is authentic.

5. Acknowledgement- Here the student mentions about Project guide and Company’s guide who guided him while conducting the project. This is signed by the Student.

6. Table of contents- This page has the list of all the information which is given ahead in the project report like the List of figures, Charts, Tables, chapters, references and Appendices.

7. List of Tables- this list as all the tables given in the project report in the same sequence as given in the report. The table title and page number is given for each table.

8. List of Graphs- this list as all the graphs given in the project report in the same sequence as given in the report. The Graph title and page number is given for each table.

9. List of Figures- this list as all the Figures given in the project report in the same sequence as given in the report. The figure title and page number is given for each table.

10. List of Abbreviations- this list as all the Abbreviations given in the project report in the same sequence as given in the report.
11. Executive summary- this gives short description in one or two paragraphs, of the project undertaken, scope, research methodology, findings, conclusions and suggestions.
--> 12. Chapters
a. Introduction- Talks about the Title of the project and scope, the Industry profile and company profile where the project was undertaken.

b. Objectives and Concepts- talks about the objective of the project, surveys and concepts worked on.

c. Methodology- what are the different sources of data(primary/ secondary), research plan, research methodologies used in identifying the information, target respondents, analysis tools, sampling the data, size of sample, time of sampling, etc.

d. Data Analysis – using the research plan and analysis tools generating the insights out of the information gathered. Presenting them using tables, diagrams, charts

e. Findings- what were the outcomes from the Research and analysis.  What are the inferences drawn.

f. Conclusion- summarizing the project scope/ objectives and findings of the project.

g. Recommendations/ suggestions- Suggesting any approach or solutions to the company, Industry while meeting the objective of the project.

h. References- list all the sources of information used by you like News papers, Research papers, Books and authors, Magazines, websites, etc.

i. Appendices- All the additional information is attached as appendix in the end of the report and its reference is given in the report as applicable.

 The last but not the least, the presentation of the report is also very crucial to show the structured thought process of the student. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes; use consistent fonts, correct page numbering as per the table of content, alignments and margin spaces. Minimum two copies of the project report are prepared and it’s generally hard bounded.

The above concepts and order used is mostly the same while preparing kind of project reports except some specific details as per the respective scope of the project.