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January 2011 Assignments Question papers

I.G.N.O.U Management January 2011 Session Assignments Questions are now updated at

Interested candidates can download the papers from the above mentioned URL.

If, for any reason, the assignments can't be seen or downloaded from the above given URL, then the same assignments can be downloaded from Help Desk

We have started working to solve the assignments and solutions will be updated after some time.
Till then, all management candidates should do the following tasks:

1. Cover study topics specially related to your assignments questions.

2. If you've got study materials, then it's the best time to go through the materials provided to you. If not, then you should not waste your time and get set of your own GPH or Dotcom books.

3. Whatever you study, make short points for the topic you studied and find some cases from the existing brands in market you know very well. This will let you to cite the examples in your assignments as well as in Term End Exams.

These 3 tasks are enough to do the best in your assignments and the same will get you prepared for your exams.
All the best

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