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Learn to solve IGNOU MBA assignments yourself

Since the time, we’ve created our IGNOU MBA Assignments help blog, on continues basis, we’ve been receiving maximum queries to get solvedassignments by students. There are very few students  who solve assignments themselves. It is extremely necessary to understand by our MBA fellows that solving assignments should be done by themselves on priority basis. This or any other forum is meant to provide helping contents to each other so that together we can solve and learn without wasting too much time. Initially, I took lot of pain to solve assignments at my own. I avoided sleeping for many nights and providing all the stuff to my IGNOU friends. Do you know, I am too IGNOU MBA student and I could have register only 4 course codes during my semesters and I solved 4 times of what I needed for myself. 
Today, I am going to share what I did for me and for all of you for the last 2 years.

 I utilized the following ways to solve the assignments at my own and to upload it on my site/blog for all of you:

a.       Understanding the questions asked in Assignment.

Before providing an answer, one should understand what has been asked, what stuff is needed to fulfil and to provide a complete solution. You can even mark the chapters which are required or from which the question has been asked. Thereafter, make a summary to yourself to understand and to draw conclusions towards the question asked. Sum up all the points and rewrite it.

b.      Use the search engines properly
Anything we need, we Google without thinking too much then why not to google to find stuff to enrich the solutions? Don’t surf or search by copy pasting the complete assignment. Do it question by question. One should not rely upon the stuffs received after surfing. Remember, these are just the materials which you can use for writing answers. Do not copy exactly.

c.       Go through the help books you are having

The help books you are having are the ingredients readily available to you. You can search for the relative topics and can get the desired content for your assignments.

d.      Giving examples – ending note to your solution

The most important thing which is several times mentioned in your IGNOU prospectus and assignments question papers, is to provide a suitable example. Often, we have questions in which examples from the companies known to us have been asked. Here, our MBA buddies got stuck and keep looking through facebook or blogs. Friends, this is also easy and if, actually, you understand the question , have searched sufficient stuff for solution, then it’s no big deal to cite an example at your own. Whichever companies you have heard of or even if you haven’t, cite the example by giving name as ABC company or XYZ enterprises. Just co-relate the things and write it. If you are working in some organization, then also you can frame any incidence co-relating the required solution set.

If you do this then believe me it will take half of the time than what you’ve wasted for asking the readymade solutions or waiting someone else to upload it. Moreover, it will get you always A grade in assignments and since you would have strained enough to understand things, it will directly help you in your exams too. Getting A grades in term end exams is also not big deals. Anyone of us can do it. So guys, hoping to see all of you to write beautiful assignments at your own or may be exchanging with each other to save time.

Do it atleast for once and do share your experience with us here at your own blog.

Happy writing 


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