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IGNOU offers Full-Time MBA in Corporate Governance

IGNOU's Centre for Corporate Education, 
Training and Consultancy (CCETC) is offering MBA in Corporate Governance 
(On-Campus, Full-Time) from the January 2011 Academic Session. 
Last Date for receipt of application forms is November 30, 2010.


isha said...

Management of stress: Very Important for MBA Entrance Exams
There is a tendency to fight stress out. It is here that an endless battle begins. The efforts should be to
handle a stress so that its sharp claws are blunted and it serves a purpose rather than destroy it. It should
be understood well that body and mind affect each other. When the body is unwell the mind cannot stay happy or
even normal. It will turn at least melancholic if not highly irritable. Vice-versa is also equally true.
Therefore it is a mistake to deal with stress at the mental level alone. Since the body and the mind are
complements of each other, it is evident the stress can be dealt with by managing both. It is an undeniable
truism that a sound mind resides in a sound body.

MBA Entrance Exams

Pinkki Manohar said...


thanks for sharing us such a useful article and link.

Thanks & regards,
Pinkki Manohar