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IGNOU Previous years MBA Question paper + Assignments sets and Exam preparation MANTRA

Exam fever is on and recurs after every 6 months, twice a year. IGNOU Students have to face the exam preparation with many different moods and problems. Some of them do very good job and even secure 60-70% easily but on the other side, there is a majority of students who get into trouble and hardly know what to do and how to do.

According to my survey and reports, I've found that it's actually not a big deal to pass the exams. How do other candidates make it possible?

Just read the following points and you will find the "PREPARATION MANTRA" for the exams:

1. Your assignments contribute major part to your exam preparation and to secure grades to pass through.

No matter what you've done this semester. Just be serious from the very next time and try to solve your assignments by yourself.

2. At least go through the study material provided by the university for once. IGNOU study material contains small chapters/units those can be finished within few days and the same are very easy to understand.

You can cover your syllabus by reading GPH (Gullybaba Publishing House) books. These books contains all the necessary topics in question answers format. Moreover, the units are prepared in such manner that anyone can finish/cover the syllabus within 3-4 days per course.

So its very important to get through and cover your syllabus demanded per course.

3. For Term End JUNE 2010 Exams, only 1 month is left. Students need to prepare for 4 courses to pass the semester.

1 month = 4 weeks = 4 courses preparation time

That means, you can cover your syllabus if you study 1 course in 1 week. Thats actually very sufficient for preparation. If you do it with GPH books, then you can even do this within 2 weeks.

4. Prepare your schedule/time table to prepare for your exams. By doing so, you will get time to study even if you are a working person. For working persons, 2-3 hours can be managed easily for exam preparation.

5. Get a set of atleast previous three years of assignments and term end question papers.
 If  you look at the pattern, you will find that the question paper covers contents from previous years assignments. So while studying, you can pay attention to what have been asked in previous years assignments and term end question papers. According to our lecturer and senior students, one can get 70% marks easily if have gone through previous years assignments and question papers.

6. Make short notes wherever its necessary for self understanding. By doing so, you will be prepared enough in your exams. Most of the students do not write before exams and this is how they face problems while giving explanations in exams.

7. Try to cover your syllabus atleast before 5-6 days of main exam date. e.g On 1st June,2010 MS 01 will be held and so on. So, you should have covered your syllabus till 23rd-25ft May,2010. In between the time gap, you will get sufficient time for revision.

8. Take a mock test or say solve a question paper of the concerned course atleast 2 days earlier to the main exam. By doing so, you will be known about your weakness for writing answers while solving the paper.
As you do it 2-3 days earlier hence you have sufficient time for making corrections.

One more important thing, if you don't have GPH books then its better to go and buy it yourself rather ordering via VPP facilities. As, you have very less time ( say just a month) and if you order your books to purchase then VPP will take 3-4 days to complete it in local area and approx. 7-10 days for outside orders. Such a waste of time it would be. So better to make it by your own and save time.

To download previous years MBA question paper and assignments, follow the link given below:

OR go to

2. For previous years question papers,

All the best,

Thanks & regards,
Pinkki Manohar


disha said...

thanks pinkki....the content is really very useful. Can u provide me any link for previous years question papers? thanks..

Pinkki Manohar said...

you'r welcome are the links for u:

To download previous years MBA question paper and assignments, follow the link given below:

OR go to

1. For assignments ,
2. For previous years question papers,

dissertation said...

it's good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource, thanx now i have the link which i was looking for my research.

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smrithi said...

thanks pinkki.the thread is really useful.. shall i ask u a doubt? I wrote openmat examination held on feb 2010 for joining MBA course.I had submitted all the documents mentioned in the prospectus to the study centre . but till now i dint get any acknowledgement or any study material. may i know when will i get all these things?
i look forward to hear from you.

Pinkki Manohar said...

Hi Smrithi, generally study material and assignments are dispatched within 2-3 months of date of submission of admission form. Some of study centers provide study materials by hand to hand to the candidates. Mostly we get our study material by post. So, you should wait for some time. If you provide me more details about your regional center, study center, date of admission by email then I'll let you know more about it. My email id is :

Thanks for your response to the thread.

All the best

jessica said...

I have been visiting various blogs for my dissertation research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards

Pinkki Manohar said...

thanks for your response Jessica. Thanks to all visitors who suggested me time by time to improve the blog.
Pinkki Manohar

dissertation said...

Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

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thanks pinkki ,

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jessica said...

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Suprakash said...

Hi Pinaki,

I am using the blog for first time. So you may be getting multiple requests from me for MS-04 assignment. Please ignore the repeated messages.


Suprakash said...

Hi Pinaki,

Please upload the updated MS-04 assignment soon. The submission date for us is 20th March.


sujitha said...

hii pinki..

am new to dis site,,
i found ur blog very useful..appreciate ur efforts,,keep going..!!!
Can u post me assignments,jan-june,2012 of ms-41,42 and 92..asap!!
it ll be of gr8 help!! thank u!!

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